Today in maths group three were working on decimals and fractions. During our lesson with decimals we had to order decimals from smallest to biggest.
Example... 3.0, 3.102, 3.2, 3.086.
Answer... 3.0, 3.086, 3.102, 3.2

With the fraction work we had to turn a fraction in to a decimal.
Example... An abacus has seventy on one side and thirty on the other what is the fraction and decimal.
Answer... 70/100 = 0.70

Also with the fraction work we had to do equivalent fractions.
Example... 2/2, 3/4, 2/5, 7/10
Answers... 2/2 = 10/10, 3/4 = 75/100, 2/5 = 4/10, 7/10 = 70/100.

Yesterday group 3 was working on finding the area of circles and the circumfrence.

Finding the Area of a circle is pi x R2 (R2 = Radius Squared)

Finding the circumfrence of a circle 2 x pi x R (R = Raduis)
If you only get the Diameter you half the Diameter to get the Radius because the radius is half the diameter.

Rectangles: The length of a rectangle is split up to the easiest for me and add the areas of the new shape and that is how you find the area of a composite shape.

1/2 x length x width of the rectangle.
Base = Length
Width = Height

Half base x height = the area of a triangle.

Today in maths group 3 measured the volume of or hands in a jug of water.

We also learnt about capacity and that capacity is talking about measuring of how much space there is available to hold something.

We had to mesure our hands in a jug of water that held 200mls and we had to put our fist in and see how high the water will go and mine went up to 400mls and the volume is 200mls that it rised up to.

Volume And Capacity
Today in maths group three had to work on volume and capacity we did a few activities to find the capacity of things one of the activities are called

  • Thirsty and that was to make a glass fo juice and we had to make sure the measurements were right.

  • Is There enough :
There are 6 people coming to a party an they have one glass each out of a bottle and we had to measure 6 cups out of an cooking oil bottle, Lipton Ice Tea, Drink Bottle (Blue) and a Pump bottle the one that had 6 cups was the lipton ice tea but if you wanted extra you had the cooking oil bottle.
  • How much in each:
First we had to estimate which glass had the most water and the less and all between. My estimate was the...
  1. Coca-Cola glass
  2. Short and Chubby Glass
  3. V Cup
  4. Ordinairy Glass
  5. Wine Glass